Thermos & Airpot

1. Always make sure that the cover is tighten to keep the water hot longer.
2. When using an airpot you can use the lock feature if your going to travel to avoid accidental spillage.

Rice Cooker

1. Do not use the bowl other than cooking rice in the rice cooker (i.e. using it in stove) so as to not damage the bowl.
2. When planning to steam food you can use the steamer accesory (which is included) not only does it saves you lpg but also time in cooking.
3. When using the teflon coated bowl avoid using scotch brite or steel wool to clean the bowl so as not to remove the teflon, you can fill the bowl with soap water and leave it for a while for an easier cleaning.

Electric Fan

1. Over time dirt and dust accumulates both in the grill and blade of the fan so it is advise to take it apart and clean it every once and a while. In time the dust and dirt might even cause health problems as it is blown by the fan into the air.
2. When planning to do the cleaning always wear a mask so as not to breathe in the dust.